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Rewards are cumulated till they are paid. Payouts only on poolers voting on all fellows (with green flag below). A refund 1 lsk is automatically given to poolers completing all votes on fellows, this refund is logged and can occur only once (and only on account with more than 400 lsk). Regularly, rewards not claimed may be partially given to Sherwood fund 204440690178793746L, or distributed to "green" poolers.
Best way to contact us on telegram channel @sherwood_lisk_pool.

Last news :

On 2nd of July, a new airdrop of 10000 lisk will be distribute to smart voters.

The rewards are even better if your vote is exactly reverse of the cartel's advice ... Vote 5 Sherwood's delegates and DO NOT VOTE, Elevate and Your rewards will be paid and maximum

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