Sherwood pool

Welcome to the Sherwood pool !

Maybe the best Lisk pool ...
Best way to contact us on telegram channel sherwood_pool

How to earn Lisk

Far far away, in Nottingham Forest, lived RobinHood and his fellows ... All togheter, they stole the richs to give to poors Nowadays, Robinhood is a delegate that shares 100% of its forged Lisk. This will never change ! Vote for it to earn one of the biggest Lisk reward ... In order to get the full reward(*), you may vote for all Sherwood members :

  • RobinHood - 100% ... but vote all fellows for this (don't miss that one, it's paying all rewards)
  • LiberSpirita - 100%
  • - 60%
  • Phoenix1969 - 90% when forging
  • - 60% when forging
  • Coming soon :LiskAscend (will be required when the next fellow will forge) !

Vote all fellows ... or not as you wish

There is a strong incentive to vote all fellows but no mandatory.
1 missing: rewards divided per 2, 2 missings: rewards divided per 3. And so on. Rewards are cumulated till they are paid, when all fellows are voted.

Take from richs, give to poors ...

RobinHood is a social pool : gains of big wallet voters are capped. Capping funds are splitted among all the others.

The Sherwood fund

The Sherwood pool is also managing the Sherwood fund, ready to operate as soon as Lisk sidechains will be functionnal.

Sherwood pool